Illuminate meals in the dining room or get-togethers in the den with this striking 14-light chandelier. Crafted from metal, this luminary showcases an open ring design supported by chains. The solid black finish of the base is paired with antiqued brass sockets (designed for 60-watt bulbs) for a vintaged and industrial look. This hanging chandelier can be adjusted up to three feet long, while this pieces dimmable capability lets you adjust the light to your preferred setting. Number of Lights: 14 Fixture Design: Wagon Wheel Adjustable Hanging Length: Yes Fixture: 33.5 H x 50 W x 50 D Primary Material: Metal

I bought this this chandelier for my friends. They absolutely loved it. Quality is good. Impressive quality for the price. All in all, very happy I purchased this.  

  I typically spend a lot more on my chandelier. I love my new furniture! It's the perfect. I get compliments on it all the time. Great chandelier. Bought one as a gift too! I recommend this chandelier for anyone.

  • People also ask
  • When should I replace my Chandelier?
  • How much should you pay for a 17 Stories Harpa 14-Light Wagon Wheel Chandelier
  • When should you buy new Chandelier?
  • How long do this 17 Stories Harpa 14-Light Wagon Wheel Chandelier usually last?

There are many reasons for buying 17 Stories Harpa 14-Light Wagon Wheel Chandelier, but the most important underlying reason is that it is the backdrop to our lives. Our furnishing needs change as our lives go through changes both big and small.

We need Chandelier for more comfortable lives and use it for storage, for sitting on, and for sleeping. Going beyond the basics, it is also there to express our sense of style. And as our needs and life circumstances change, so does our Chandelier.

  • Here are some life changes that call for buying new Chandelier:
  • When You Change or Remodel a Home
  • When You Move in Together or Get Married
  • If You Get Divorced
  • When You Have a New Baby, or a Growing Child
  • When Your Children Move Out
  • When Elderly Parents Move In
  • For Personal Comfort
  • When You Get New Electronics
  • When You Work From Home
  • When Your Income Increases
  • When There Are Fires, Floods, and Earthquakes
  • When Your Chandelier is Worn Out

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This is nice choice to buy 17 Stories Harpa 14-Light Wagon Wheel Chandelier

17 Stories Harpa 14-Light Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Thanks for buy BEST chandelier
Many thanks. Heartiest congratulation to you. If you would like to know, How much is it for this chandelier? chandelier may be the hot selleing product.

17 Stories Harpa 14-Light Wagon Wheel Chandelier Reviews
  • Review #1
  • I LOVE THIS chandelier! It is super cute and stylish and functional. I gave it five stars because I love the style and the look, I really hope the company can redesign with more substantial material. If not someone will beat them to it I am sure. Style is great. Ek het hierdie produk gekoop en dit was presies waarvoor ek gesoek het. Jy kan nie die prys van hierdie produk klop nie. Ek het hierdie produk en dit lyk goed. Hierdie produk is perfek vir my! Ek dink aan 'n ander kleur.
  • Review #2
  • Ek is lief vir, lief vir, lief vir hierdie produk. Dit is 'n wonderlike produk. Betroubaar tot grootte, gemaklik, baie gelukkig. Ek het dit vir my 25 jarige dogter om te werk. Sy is lief vir dit! Sy het twee ander in verskillende kleure gevra. Well packaged, nice quality. Love it! A high quality chandelier. I'm going to order another one (or two, or three) and it would be a lovely gift.
  • Review #3
  • Ek hou regtig van die gebruik van hierdie produk. Ek het hierdie produk in 'n ander kleur, en ek het nou vir my vriend gevra. Dit was 'n goeie aankoop vanaf die oomblik dat ek dit gesien het! Ek het aanlyn bestel en ek is baie gelukkig daaroor! When I saw this product, I immediately thought that it's meant for me. My dear loved it so much.

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